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OPE-ANDRA Observatory

The Observatoire Pérenne de l’Environnement (OPE) is located in the East of France (250 km from Paris) in a deep rural area ( less than 15 inhab/km2). It is a 100 years multi-disciplinary project including biotic and abiotic state variables, flux, functions and dynamics monitoring. It is planned to do sites network of periodic sampling, measurements and observations for water and soil characterization and biodiversity monitoring. Ecosystem stations are dedicated to biogeochemical cycles monitoring (process oriented, ICOS compliant).

Major Objectives are:

  • 10 years reference environmental state
  • Maintain a long term observatory able to detect and attribute variability, trends and extreme events impacts on terrestrial ecosystems
  • Understand and model ecosystem functioning and their feedback on the atmosphere
  • Quantify vulnerability and adaptation strategy regarding to local industrial installation, socio-economical and landscape perturbations and regional climate change

If you want more information, please visit OPE-ANDRA website

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