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Zeppelin Observatory

The site is located in an undisturbed Arctic environment on a mountain top on the island Spitsbergen. Spitsbergen is the largest island of Svalbard, located in the Arctic Ocean. Zeppelin Mountain is an excellent site for atmospheric monitoring, with minimal contamination and impact from the local settlement due to its location above the inversion layer.
Ny-Ålesund 7 km away at sea level. There are 100-150 people from April to August and 30 - 50 people from September to March in Ny-Ålesund. There are two other small cities/settlements at Spitsbergen: Longyearbyen and Barentsburg, both are more than 100 km away.

Official ICOS atmosphere data release can be downloaded from ICOS Carbon Portal. The individual data files can be browsed and downloaded from the Carbon Portal app by using this pre-configured search link. You can also browse the dataset from the data product page.