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The Saclay station is is a semi-urban site, located 20 km southwest of Paris. This station is surrounded by agricultural fields (47.4%), forests (25.0%), and urban residential areas (22.2%) (source: INSEE, National Institut of Statistic and Economic Study, 2008,
The dominant wind direction is south-west (35% of the time), with a wind speed between 5 and 10 m.s-1. Only 14% of the time during most of the year, but 35% of the time in spring, the wind comes from Paris (north-east direction), transporting polluted air masses.

The site is located  ~20 km south-west of the Paris center on the Plateau de Saclay. The closest village and small town are Saint-Aubin (673 inhabitants) and Gif-sur-Yvette (21,352 inhabitants), located 500 m north-west and 1 km south of the station, respectively. There is a high traffic road (N118) during the rush hours located 1km from the tower.

Official ICOS atmosphere data release can be downloaded from ICOS Carbon Portal. The individual data files can be browsed and downloaded from the Carbon Portal app by using this pre-configured search link. You can also browse the dataset from the data product page.