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Pallas Observatory

Station is on top of a subarctic round-topped hill (fjell), Sammaltunturi, at 565 m a.s.l. ca. 100 m above the tree line. The vegetation on fjell is sparse, consisting mainly of low vascular plants, moss and lichen. Station is most of the time above boundary layer during winter and summer nights. Station lies within Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park, and the area around the park is sparsely populated (less than 2 per km2) and has no significant local or regional pollution sources. Nearest town, Muonio, with some 2500 inhabitants, is 18 km west of the station. Other towns are Kittilä 50 km to south-east (ca. 6500 inhabitants) and Kolari 75 km to south (ca. 4000 inhabitants).

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