ICOS-atmosphere interim data policy

This data use policy describes how data collected in the frame of the “Atmosphere extended demo experiment” can be used. This policy is valid until the ICOS data policy comes into force, most likely after the creation of the ICOS European legal entity. This data policy does not represent the future ICOS-ERIC data policy, but aims at implementing access to the data that is as open as possible.


  • Data covered by this interim data policy include the processed near real time greenhouse gas (CO2, CH4, N2O, CO and others as available), meteorological and boundary layer height measurements and related metadata. The near-real time data has been automatically processed and calibrated but should not be considered as validated.
  • Stations contributing their data to the ATC are considered to be part of the “ICOS extended demonstration experiment”.
  • This extended demonstration experiment inherits the characteristics (protocols, instruments, calibration, data format, data exchange, etc.) of the ICOS Demonstration Experiment, initiated in the frame of the ICOS Preparatory Phase project; site PIs should follow carefully the requirements prepared in this framework.
  • Data providers (also referred to as site Pis) are the scientists responsible for data collection at the participating atmospheric sites; they should be well identified by the ATC.
    In the context of this interim data policy, the “ATC” is the data processing and distribution facility offered by LSCE (CEA-CNRS-UVSQ) for data providers.


All data is archived at the ATC.


  • Data descriptors will be made publicly discoverable through the web interface ATC Demo.
  • Data will be accessible to registered users within a password protected area.
  • Data will be accessible in text files and by HTTP & FTP
  • Data will be accessible free of charge.

Access to data will be granted to data providers and registered external users

  • By providing their data, data providers share their data with the other data providers and can use the entire dataset for their own internal research.
  • For external users, access is granted by the ATC team and notification to the data providers is done in parallel. Such access is for internal, own-research purpose of the specific user to which access is granted.
  • Users shall not redistribute the data.


  • Data providers shall provide metadata according to ATC specifications.
  • ICOS ATC metadata specifications will be publicly available.
  • ICOS metadata includes information about data provenance, description, quality, maturity level (raw data streams, automated quality control, processed, derivative products), and collection context, and support interoperability with other observatories, archives, and databases.


Users envisaging to publish a paper should consider at an early stage:

  • to inform the site PIs about the preparation of a research paper.
  • Optionally, to offer co-authorship to the site PIs if the ICOS data are essential to the work.
  • To cite relevant papers from the site PIs and ATC
  • to include acknowledgements in publications recognizing the ICOS data provision and stating that “The ICOS Preparatory Phase is funded by the European Commission (2008-2013)” as well as relevant institutions that have collected the data.


  • This data policy will be implemented by the ATC for the benefit of the data providers
  • Data providers are committed to fully dedicating their analysers and instruments to the ICOS measurements on the site for which they are contributing, at least over the period of the ICOS Preparatory phase project (until March 2013), and, with best effort, beyond this timeframe.
  • For external users, access is granted and registered by the ATC team with notification to the data providers. Such access is for internal, own-research purpose of the specific project to which access is granted. The ATC will make known to these users in which condition the dataset is obtained and how and at which conditions it can be used.
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